Climate Control

Special Events carries a full inventory of climate control products. We offer LB White Heaters in 80K BTU and 170K BTU. LB White heaters are the industry standard for comfort and safety.

Also in our inventory are patio heaters, pedestal fans, and tent mounted versa fans. For those hot summer months, we offer air conditioning available in 5 - 30 ton units.


LB White Premier 170K BTU heater delivers safe, dependable heat. With the quiet operation and a fuel-efficient design makes the ideal solution for tents 800 sq ft and larger.


LB White 170K BTU

The LB White Premier 80K BTU heater is just as quiet and efficient but about half the size of the 170K BTU. This size is ideal for smaller tents 600 sq ft or less or use multiple heaters for longer tents.


LB White 80K BTU

WayCool fans are a portable cooling system, using a natural cooling process of evaporating water to reduce the temperature at a greatly reduced cost of an A/C unit. The WayCool system blows cooled air to make the surroundings more comfortable for your guests.

Waycool Fan

Extend the outdoor season a little longer with the help of the Zubri Patio Heater. This 40K BTU heater can heat approximately a 300 square foot area.

Rent this heater for any cool evening, guaranteed to warm up your event.

Zubri Patio Heater

CoolBox is a portable evaporating cooling system. Being ultra light with a control panel makes the operation highly automated. Not only is the portable fan quiet, powerful and efficient it is also OSHA compliant.

This system is ideal to cool any space.



The 12" Versa Fan attaches to the tent legs, these fans are engineered to produce greater air movement and superior cooling no matter the application. 

You don’t hear them. You don’t see them. You only feel them!

Pedestal Fan


The 30" Pedestal Fans deliver quiet, powerful, efficient and long lasting air movement. Use these rugged portable fans in warehouses, work areas, loading docks, and other locations where quality matters.

Improve the air quality with either of these designs.