Most of our staging comes in 4' x 8' sections and heights of 8", 16", 24", 30", 36" and 48". Our black stage skirting compliments the height perfectly. For the event needing a little more color, we offer a variety such as royal blue, white, red, green and purple for stages 30" in height. For our military community, we also have stage bunting. Stage steps, handrails, ramps and carpeting are also available if required. 

Quad Stage - These aluminum frame stage panels offer the best look for your event.  Our Quad Stage comes in 4’ x 8’ sections that can be combined for everything from an 8’ x 8’ to 32’ x 24’.  The Quad Stage decks are finished in a black anti-slip surface and can be dressed with pleated skirting, steps with handrails and stage railing as needed.

American Stage - Our American Stage panels offer the strongest stage available. If you have a concert or a 45 piece orchestra performing, you want the strongest stage available, the American Stage. The American Stage panels are 4’ x 4’ and can be elevated from 18”- 48” heights. This staging is an excellent choice for outdoor concerts.

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