Tent Accessories

INCLUDING - Lighting, Side Wall and Doors, Audio Visual and Climate Control


We offer everything from basic to elegant. Lighting comes in many forms depending upon your needs.

Nothing enhances your event like lighting.

Omni Globes

Our Omni Globes are 18” and put out 100 watts each.  Omni Globes are a good choice for smaller frame tents up to 30’ wide.


Single Hanging Globe  

Flexi Par

Flexi-PAR fixture is a high-tech alternative to standard par cans. Made of thick aluminum and uses a 575-watt lamps like the popular GLA. 3200° Kelvin (very bright!). Includes hanging bracket, cord set and gel frame. High output and quick lens/beam change make the Flexi-PAR a popular choice for stages and rentals.

Flexi Par

C-9 string Lights 

These lights are 9 watts each and generally hang around the outside perimeter of the tent.  C-9 lighting offers softer lighting than the par lights.  C-9s can also be setup on a dimmer switch.C - 9

Par 56s 

These silver finish cans are 500 watt of bright lightingThey can be used when showroom lighting is needed and can be used with colored gels to create a special look.


Par56 Spotlight

Dover Chandelier

The Dover Chandelier is the best choice for your larger tents measuring 32.5″ wide by 29″ high. The Dover chandeliers can take up to 9 - 60 watt candelabra based bulb in each of the sockets.  Available for both pole and frame tents.Dover Chandelier

High Bay

100w LED High Bay Light is the latest in LED technology and offers high output white light in a light weight acrylic fixture. Features: Fixture with Acrylic Lens 1040 LEDs Luminous Flux: 13500LM Rated voltage 100-300VAC Rated wattage: 113w 1.2 amps @ 110v Fixtures are wired with a 110v plug.


High Bay

Standing Lamp

Constructed of high impact P.V.C., the Standing Lamps also feature a built-in dimmer switch.  The lamps are 82” Tall and 240 watt max.Four Globe Lamp

Bistro Light 

Our Bistro Light strings take our new LED, smooth plastic, round light bulbs.  Each bulb measures 1 1/2″ in diameter and has an equivalent brightness to a 7 watt bulb.  The Bistro Light strands are available in 50 ft. lengths.  There are 49 sockets on each 50 ft cord The 50 ft. cords are not end to end connectable.

Bistro Lights

Four Globe Chandelier

Ideal for frame tents, the four globe white plastic chandelier features up to 240 watts each of light.  These lights can also be used in the Epic Series by utilizing decorative light brackets.


Four Globe Chandelier


SkyBox 5 Wireless LED Up lights  

  • Color mixing via 7x 15W Red/Green/Blue/Amber/White 5-in-1 LEDs
  • 2.4Ghz built-in wireless DMX receiver
  • Intelion™ lithium-ion battery system
  • 3 battery power modes - Battery Life is 4-10 hours

SkyBox 5 Wireless LED uplight.jpg



Par 64 LEDs

These low watt LED cans can provide a color wash for your next tent event. These lights can be chained together to minimize power needs. Mostly used for accent lighting. PAR 64 LED up lighting

Bulldog Light Towers 

Bulldog Light towers feature a 1000 watt light that produces 110,000 lumens.  Comes with a steel mast with auto-lock positioning for easy set-up, take-down, and height adjustment and a rubber mounted ballast box & weatherproof on/off switch.  Large pneumatic tires that offer an integrated braking system and also make this product easy to move and transport.

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Side Wall, Doors and Tent Leg Skirts

Special Events carries an incredible inventory of tent sidewalls designed to suit your needs. We offer solid, French window, clear, and mesh for every tent we inventory. On our Jumbo Trac tents, the sidewall has Keder on each side so that the sidewall locks into place. This keeps the sidewall in place.

We offer two types of doorways. Our deluxe door comes with a sturdy metal frame, two French window doors and sidewall to fit around the doors. These doors are builder quality and function like the doors of a commercial building. We also offer an economy door which features a metal frame and a single door with a clear vinyl panel at the top.


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Audio Visual

Special Events can provide quality audio visual service for your next event. Our trained technicians stay on site, by your side to make sure your presentation is perfect.  We rent a variety of products to support any event.

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Climate Control

Special Events carries a full inventory of climate control products. We offer LB White Heaters in 70K BTU and 170K BTU. LB White heaters are the industry standard for comfort and safety. We also inventory patio heaters, pedestal fans, and tent mounted fans. For those hot summer months, we offer air conditioning available in 5 - 30 ton units.


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