Frame Tents

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 Express Frame Tents are available in sizes 10' x 10' to 20' x 40'

The Express Frame Tent is a durable yet lightweight tent. It offers quick setup and can be used on both grass and hard surfaces. The tent frame is made of 1 ¾" aluminum pipe and the tops are 13 oz vinyl. The Express Frame Tents are used at many festivals each year including the Boardwalk Arts Show, Afr'am Festival, Norfolk Harborfest, the Neptune Arts Festival, and the Town Point Wine Festivals.

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High Peak Frame Tents

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               High Peak Frame tents are available in sizes 10' x 10', 10' x 20', 15' x 15' and 20' x 20'

The High Peak Series is designed with a high slope, a stylish peak, and smooth curves to stand out from the rest. It is a very strong peaked tent, eliminating the flying center pole design of the past and replacing it with a mast that attaches directly to the frame. This style tent is engineered and wind load tested up to 80 mph. The leg height on this style ranges from 6'6" to 8'.

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Marquee Frame



                                        Marquee Tents are available in sizes 6' x 10' to 9' x 100'

Marquee Tents are similar to the Frame Series tents but are used primarily for walkways. They offer a gable (flat) end so they can be placed next to buildings or other tents. Marquee Tents are used to make an elegant entryway into your tent.

Expandable Frame Tents

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        Expandable Frame Tent come with a hip roof and is available in sizes 30' x 30' to 40' x 140'

Our Expandable Frame Tents offer the versatility of many sizes including several larger sizes. These tents are the building blocks for any event including ceremonies, corporate events, and weddings. These tents are made from 2" aluminum pipe and come with 18 oz blockout vinyl. The 18 oz blockout vinyl is our standard in any tent larger than 30' x 30'. It does not let any light into the tent, making it 15% cooler on those hot summer days.


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